A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd gives professional, honest assessments of chimney deterioration and damage offering well informed options andsolutions to any chimney problems.

Chimneys are situated at roof level and above and are exposed to everything the weather can throw at them. It makes real economic sense to have them expertly repaired by A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd as deterioration to the chimney can result in dampness coming into the property and, at worst, the chimney collapsing. In the majority of cases chimneys are not generally used as they once were for the main fire of the house but more likely to be used either as a boiler flue or a flue to a feature fire.

Checklist for Chimney Damage

  • Do you have a leak around your chimney?
  • Are there water spots on the floor?
  • Is there any discoloration or runs down the sides of the stack?
  • Are lead flashings dislodged?
  • Is any mortar missing?
  • Is masonry cap cracked or broken?
  • Are bricks flaking or missing?Is the chimney leaning?
  • Does the brickwork need re-pointing?