Roof Lights, or skylights are one of the most cost effective and permanent ways to provide natural daylight to industrial roofs, factories, warehouses or lofts.Rooflights can be fitted to both pitched and flat roofs and are available in a number of different styles and shapes. A1mazing Roofing Services Ltd will be pleased to discuss the various options available.Traditionally roof lights tend to be flat and rectangular in shape, this is the recommended style for a pitched roof because it follows the natural contour of the roof line, there are no such restrictions for flat roofs as raised roof lights in the form of curved domes, angles or four-sided pyramids for example can provide substantially more daylight to the room below. Whilst conventional roof lights are superb for adding much needed natural light to the rooms immediately below the roof, they are of limited use for internal rooms like offices where help is at hand in the form of light tunnels which are extremely effective at providing natural daylight where it is mostNeeded. These days most roof lights are double-glazed using K-glass, providing a high degree of thermal insulation as well, which will help to keep heat in during winter whilst keeping heat out during the summer. Multi-layered polycarbonate and acrylic are also available for roof lights, providing an alternative to double glazing. If you are in doubt as to which rooflight is most suited to your existing roof then please contact us and we would be only to happy to help or advise you on any aspect of roof light.

Velux Rooflights
The roof window fitted by A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd combines the technical features of skylights with aesthetic sensibilities. The recessed flashings, central glazing bar and external black metal complement most roofing materials. In addition to expert roofing works A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd offer you a professional Velux window fitting service.

Our experienced tradesmen have been fitting Velux windows for over 35 years and are the experts to turn to if you’re thinking of having new roof windows fitted for your home or business. Velux windows are known for quality and are one of the most used modern window systems fitted in the domestic and commercial market and. have been around for over 60 years. These roof windows are highly desirable for loft and building extensions bringing natural daylight into previously dark and unused spaces.