Liquid Applied Membrane

Cold applied liquid membrane supplied and laid by A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd is a increasingly popular choice for new roofs, roof refurbishment and basement waterproof tanking. This type of roof membrane is generally referred to as Liquid Roofing and involves the application of a cold liquid roof coating by brush, spray or roller.
liquid membrane used on swimming pool

No open flames or other heat sources are needed and the glassfibre reinforced systems also provide seamless waterproofing around roof detail protrusions and indoor Jacuzzis and splash pools. ( see above)

Liquid Applied Membrane Systems laid expertly by A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd are based on flexible thermoset resin systems such as polyester and polyurethane. Liquid coatings are the fastest growing sector of the flat roof refurbishment market. Leading manufacturers have reported a 70% increase in the roof area covered by the coating systems supplied.

Liquid applied membrane is a versatile high performance system that can be applied over existing roof coverings where the waterproof system has failed and the existing insulation has been upgraded and meets current British Standards laid down for thermal insulation.

This is a cost effective solution to weatherproof your roof and various other areas that need waterproofing treatments. It is a very durable seamless polyurethane membrane and can be applied in damp weather to all external general building and roof areas including basement waterproof tanking whereas other roofing systems have to rely on good weather to lay their roofing systems.

What are the advantages of liquid applied membranes?

  • Cost effective and reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • A Seamless waterproofing membrane
  • High performance, lightweight and durable
  • Beneficial for flat roofs and awkward roof protrusions
  • Protection against all weather conditions
  • Preferably laid on non walking roofs
  • Flame free