Zinc Roofing

The main use of rolled zinc sheet and strip laid by A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd is for roofing, cladding, flashings, and rainwater disposal applications. In addition to its technical qualities zinc sheet offers the advantages of excellent visual appearance, long life with minimal maintenance, cost effectiveness, and a versatility which enables it to be used confidently for innovative architectural designs.

The benefits of a Zinc roof are its innate resilience which is one of its most important assets. A properly installed zinc roof by A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd can last beyond 100 years. Zinc owes this impressive longevity to its ability to heal itself. If you leave a piece of iron out in the rain or in contact with salt, the chemical reaction will form ferrous oxide, or rust, which corrodes the iron. Zinc, on the other hand, develops a protective layer called zinc hydroxyl carbonate. Once formed on a layer it then blocks moisture and chemicals from penetrating to the zinc beneath; if scratched, the hydroxyl carbonate will reform over time. If you are a green conscious homeowner then zinc’s properties can ease the aspect of eco guilt for you since most zinc sheeting can be recycled. It further lowers the energy cost of manufacturing and the low toxicity of zinc sheeting is a major plus for the environment.

Make it harder for vandals and thieves to steal the copper from your property have A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd paint your Zinc roofing material with anti vandal paint also known as anti burglar/anti-intruder paint or another product called SelectaDNA grease. (See Lead Section of website)
Note: Manufacturers recommend that anti-climb paint/grease be applied two metres above normal access height and a coloured warning sign to warn thieves and vandals to stay away from the roof needs to be placed near zinc roofs indicating that the DNA of people can be traced.