Concrete tiles are the main bread and butter tile used by A1MAZING Roofing Services Ltd for replacement roofs today due to the high durability of the tile. Most manufacturers use a high quality polymer coating to ensure the colour lasts longer whilst slowing the natural fading process of the tile due to Britain’s unpredictable weather conditions.

If you require a premium handmade or machine made tile then choose a Clay tile. This is a classic hard wearing tile available in many shapes and sizes. Clay is a premium and versatile roofing material with its rich colour that will never fade. It is a natural and sustainable roofing product with enormous inherent strength.

Stone tiles are a strong and durable roof covering material, originally used for roofs in areas where workable stone for slabs was easily accessible. Sedimentary rocks, limestone and sandstone which can be split along their layers are needed and these are found mainly in the Pennines and in the Midlands, Wiltshire, the Cotswolds, Dorset, Wales and the Weald. Flags can be up to 4 feet wide and 3 inches thick and need a strong roof structure to support them. Stone flags are generally laid in diminishing courses the largest flag sizes at the eaves and the smallest at the ridge.